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Need Help Paying Your Bill?

If you are current with but want to smooth out your monthly costs during the winter and the summer, you can sign up for our Budget Billing Plan. You may also apply for help from KirkCare if you need additional assistance .

Budget Billing

Budget Billing is a free, stable payment plan. It allows you to pay an average amount monthly. That way you can avoid spikes in your bill caused by seasonal changes in how much energy you use.

How it Works

First, we review your past year’s billing history to get the total of your previous 11 monthly bills. We then divide the total by 11 to compute an average monthly payment. Every month, for the next 11 months starting in April, we bill you the average payment. In March of the following year we true up your account and bill you the difference between your average annual. Customers can apply during the year but the program will not start until April in any given year. And every March we recalculate a new average that will start in April .

Signing Up

To sign up for Budget Billing call our Finance Department at 314-822-5843.

Payment Assistant with KIRKCARE

The City of Kirkwood has teamed up with KirkCare to provide assistance for qualifying individuals – for more information:

KirkCare (Kirkwood Community Food and Financial Assistance Organization)
Phone: 314-965-0406

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