Frequently Asked Questions?

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  • Can I pay my electric bill online?

    Yes. Please refer to the information under “Finance Department” and online utility billing.

  • My street light is out. Can you fix it today?

    Kirkwood Electric tries to repair street lights and dusk-to-dawn lights as quickly as possible. However, such repairs are sometimes delayed due to activities of a higher priority. To report a light out, visit our Outage Center, or email at

  • How often do you trim trees?

    Trees in electrical lines can cause costly outages. Kirkwood Electric trims trees to keep the power flowing. The department closely adheres to its tree-trimming policy, a copy of which can be obtained by calling 314-822-5842. Trees on private property are the homeowners’ responsibility. Kirkwood Electric will assist in making sure that your tree contractor can remove it safely. See the Tree Trimming Standards for Kirkwood Electric.

  • The street light is shining in my bedroom window. Can you turn it off?

    Kirkwood Electric can usually shield the light so it isn’t so intrusive. Unless it is a dusk-to-dawn light for which you are paying, however, we cannot remove it.  Please visit our Outage Center to place a service request.

  • Can I switch from an overhead service to an underground service?

    Yes, Kirkwood Electric converts many overhead services to underground every month. You will have to get an electrical contractor to bury a conduit run. Kirkwood Electric will pull in the secondary cable to complete the service.  Please fill out Kirkwood Electric's Construction Request Form as early as possible in your planning process.   An estimator/engineer will contact you within 1-2 business days.

  • Can I get my underground service located?

    Yes, call Missouri One-Call at 1-800-344-7483.

  • Can I get all the poles removed from my yard?

    Probably not. Power lines that run though your yard are usually serving electricity to your neighbors. Occasionally, wires can be buried, but it is done at cost to the requestor.

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